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  China maintained good momentum in polar expedition in 2013
In 1983, China acceded to Antarctic Treaty. 30 years later, in 2013, China became an Official Observer State of the Arctic Council. China maintained good development momentum in polar expedition.
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  Polar information service platform for mobile terminal -“Mobile Polar” passed experts’ appraisal
On January 12, 2014, the "Mobile Polar", a polar information service platform for mobile terminals, which was developed by the Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping, passed experts’ appraisal in Wuhan.
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  Xuelong took part in Antarctica Rescue, showing cooperation spirit
Chinese icebreaker Xuelong took part in Antarctica Rescue. After the rescue, Xuelong was trapped by an iceberg, and eventually got saved. These events showed cooperation spirit of the big countries.
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   Xi Jinping gave instructions on the rescue of “Xuelong” and Li Keqiang made related comments
According to the report from Beijing on Xinhuanet.com on January 3rd, 101 persons, including the members of China's Antarctic expedition team and the crew of the expedition vessel “Xuelong”,
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