China's Antarctic expedition sends 37 members to Kunlun, Taishan stations  
Chinese researchers wait to leave by snowmobile in Antarctica Dec. 18, 2018. China's 35th Antarctic expedition on Tuesday sent 37 members of two inland expedition teams to the Kunlun and Taishan stations. (Xinhua/Liu Shiping)  
China's icebreaker carries out unloading operations in Antarctica  
China's research icebreaker Xuelong, also known as the Snow Dragon, is now 44 kilometers away from the Zhongshan station. Unloading operations have been carried out after the routes were determined. (Xinhua/Liu Shiping)  
China's Xuelong icebreaker enters floating ice field in Southern Ocean  
China's Xuelong research icebreaker has entered an area of floating ice in the Southern Ocean to avoid a cyclone.  
China to build its first Antarctic airport in November  
The Chinese are not very used to flying to the southernmost continent, because the country's first polar plane, the Xueying (or Snow Eagle) 601, was put into use only three years ago.  
Major (SCI) Papers on Polar Research (Published during the Period of September 2014 to September 2015)
Science Feature: Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations

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