Hydrothermal vent, cold seep discovered in same sea floor area in Antarctica  
QINGDAO, March 28 (Xinhua) -- A hydrothermal vent and a cold seep, which were believed to exist in different ecosystems, have been discovered in the same sea floor area in the Antarctica, according to Chinese scientists.  
Keeping Antarctic stations water-wise  
How do you make water on the driest continent on the planet? On World Water Day, find out how expeditioners at Australia’s Antarctic stations make theirs.  
Antarctic krill break down microplastics  
Antarctic krill can physically break down microplastics before excreting them back into the environment in an even smaller form, research published in Nature Communications has found.  
Draft CEE 2018  
Proposed Construction and Operation of a New Chinese Research Station Victoria Land , Antarctica January 2018  
Major (SCI) Papers on Polar Research (Published during the Period of September 2014 to September 2015)
Science Feature: Potential sea-level rise from Antarctic ice-sheet instability constrained by observations

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