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Chinese Antarctic Great Wall Station

Built on Feb.20, 1985, the station was named after the Chinese famous marvelous spectacle Great Wall. Located at the southern tip southern tip of Fildes Peninsula of King George Island in the Shetland Islands of West Antarctica at 62o1259S, 58o5752W.


Great Wall Station

Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan Station

Built on Feb.26, 1989, the station was named after Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen)who was the outstanding forerunner of the democratic revolution in modern China. The station located at the Larsemann Hills. Lying on the Larsemann Hills of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica at 69o2224S, 76o2240E.


Zhongshan Station

Chinese Arctic Yellow River Station

Authorized by the State Council of China, the first Chinese Arctic scientific research station, Chinese Arctic Yellow River Station, was founded in July, 2004, at 78o55N, 11o56E in Ny-Alesund, Spitsbergen Archipelago of Norway.

      Arctic Yellow River Station

A Brief Introduction of R/V Xuelong

Built in Ukraine in 1993, R/V Xuelong was an icebreaker ice-strengthened to Class B1. China bought it and refitted it into a polar research vessel by making an investment of 31 million yuan (RMB), which has been put into service in place of R/V Jidi since 1994.


R/V Xuelong

R/V Polar:

The vessel provided its function of transportation, scientific research and icebreaking from 1987-1992.

        Retired Polar Research Vessels
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