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Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Advances in Polar Science
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>> Events are ongoing... (2006/12/20)
we are preparing for the information

>> The second Arctic science inspection will set off today (2007/01/16)
Reporter Chen Danhong reports that Chinese second Arctic science inspection set out from Dalian, today. As approved by State Council "our country, "fifteen" polar region inspects ability important one content in building an overall plan " is to know change and their impact of over our country climate and environment. The mission of the Second Arctic science investigating is that put into effect building our country ocean and atmosphere and keep on observing the Arctic sea....

>> The goal of the second research to the Arctic (2007/01/16)
The goal of this research is that we can know the response and the feedback which the Arctic makes to the global change. Its important to our nation climate with understanding the change of the Arctic. According to two scientific goals, the Chinese second Arctic science inspection initially establishes the Arctic Ocean Sea and the meteorological observation system to investigate the Arctic Sea - atmosphere - sea ice system change and many kinds of mutually effects. We can....

>> The long way to the Arctic (2007/01/16)
When we stepped on the land of the Arctic which was full of tempt the first time four years ago, all of us felt proud ,and filled with energy.

>> To protect the homeland with the help of the Arctic (2007/01/16)
Our country second Arctic science inspection team will start in Dalian on the Xue Long ship, and then pass through the Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, and Bering Strait to enter in the Arctic Ocean, after that will put the plan about 74 day-long Chinese second Arctic science inspection in practice . This is Arctic science inspection which is large-scale, multi-disciplinary, and comprehensive since last time when was between July and September in 1999 organized by our....

>> A New Stage in polar scientific expedition (2007/01/16)
The second time arctic expedition group is going to starting from Dalian City on 15th July, they carry hope and duty to investigate the Arctic, there are fifty-four scientists from one hundred and fifteen, all of them have their own opinion about the investigating. Following passage is picked from several scientist opinions.

>> The first hope school named pole was founded (2007/01/16)
Its reported by linzi,in July, a school named pole was founded in Jincheng Village Fuzhou Zhen,Dalianwafangdian City in occasion for celebration., two months later, a new building was established here, more than one hundred students learns in the new classroom.

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