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Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Advances in Polar Science
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>> Human's first "landing" on the highest summit of the Antarctic ice sheet (2005/01/19)
Xinhuanet, January 18 (Xinhua) -- man's first "landing" on the highest point of the Antarctic Inland Icecap! Beijing time 3:16 a.m. on the 18th, after a week of detailed surveys and comparison , after pushing onward the south pole interior ice cap more than 1,200 kilometers, Chinese Antarctic Inland Icecap Kunlun scientific expedition team confirmed having found the south pole interior ice cap peak: South latitudes 80 ' 22 '' 00, east longitude 77' 21 '' 11, elevation of 4,093 meters.

>> China's 19th Antarctic expedition team triumphed (2004/10/25)
The State Oceanic Administration held a grand welcoming ceremony in Shanghai, Chen Lianzeng, deputy director and Vice Mayor Yang Xiong attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

>> China started its 21st Antarctic expedition team (2004/10/28)
China's 21st Antarctic scientific expedition team, on "Xuelong"("Snow Dragon") scientific exploration ship£¬on October 25, set out from Shanghai's Pudong Minsheng Terminal Ports Corporation to the Antarctic voyage.

>> The Antarctic records:The East Antarctic Airport (2003/02/21)
There is unexpectedly also airport in the antarctic circle, soon after our arrival to "Zhong Shan" station, the members of the 18th team surviving the winter at "Zhong Shan" station tell us: There are Russian airport and air terminal buildings on the ice field southwest of "Zhong Shan" station,if time permmites, they may lead us to have a visit of that. After dinner on February 9 ,the 18th team's vice-Stationmaster Yang Baowei then leaded us several team members of....

>> The Antarctic records: Grove Mountain team to discover 123 meteorolites (2003/01/14)
On January 9, when the Chinese 19th Antarctic inspection team is navigating in the sea to the ¡°Zhong Shan¡± station, happy news which transmitted from front was received: "the Grove Mountain Team had discovered 123 meteorolites, in which the greatest weighs 800 grams."

>> The Antarctic records: Chairman Li Peng writes a few words of appreciation for the 19th Antarctic inspection team members (2003/01/14)
On January 6 Chairman Li Peng Writes a few words of appreciation for the 19th Antarctic inspection team, encourages and kindly shows loving care for the Chinese Antarctic inspection and all inspection team members.

>> The Antarctic records:One Historical Drill (2003/01/28)
On January 20, the 5th day of Chinese first Amery ice shelf inspection team's pitching camp on the boundless ice shelf. After several days' ultra intensity work,one of this Antarctic science inspection activity's "climaxes"--- ice core drilling finally will begain.

>> Our country¡¯s 19th Antarctic science inspection team starts on a journey (2002/11/22)
On November 20 morning, the Chinese 19th Antarctic science inspection team travels by polar region science inspection ship named " Snow dragon " , blows a whistle in Port of Shanghai and sets to sail, carries out our country's 19th polar region inspection and" A ship two stations " Navigation plan. The national sea bureau and the Chinese polar region research institute had held a simple and warm sees off ceremony. National sea bureau¡¯s Assistant Commissioner Chen....

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